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PHIT Pilates Website strives to offer quality information in the Pilates method of exercise in a clean, friendly, and non-competitive atmosphere. We believe everyone has the right to a good workout based on their own level of fitness and expertise. We respect our visitors feelings and assist them in obtaining their goals with humor, happiness and hard work.

How it all began: The exercise system called Pilates was developed by Joseph H. Pilates more than eighty years ago. It focuses on strengthening the deep core musculature of the abdomen and back by using low impact, stress-free movement.

Pilates is a series of exercises that assist in improving strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness. Unlike traditional methods of strength training, Pilates challenges many muscles in an integrated fashion to achieve a more overall strength. It is a total body workout with a focus on developing the strength and stability of your core, or as Joseph Pilates liked to call it, your powerhouse. This is the area between your shoulders and hips and includes all muscles of the abdomen and back as well as the shoulder and hip joints. With an emphasis on spinal lengthening and posture, you may actually stand taller after a session!